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CFAB: End of internship!

It's finally the end of my internship!!! Such a short, yet long internship (totally depend on my mood and the engagement I was assigned to). So, I am going to write on my thoughts, as well as what I have gained from this internship as the last post for this year. 
Internship is definitely better than studying. Why? There is no stress on taking all the tests and exams (I hate exams the most), plus I don't have to study or continue to work after working hour (that's my policy - no work after work). The only stressful thing that I faced was when I didn't understand a certain thing or couldn't do a certain thing and I dwelled on it, even after work. -.-. So yeah, work did continue to haunt me after working hour, even during my precious sleeping hour. T.T. However, I gained the satisfaction after being able to solve a problem by myself. =D
Troublesome things would be something like travelling to work. Travelling from my house to the office back and fro, is definitely t…

JLPT test info

It's been a while since I posted anything. I was busy with my internship and some stuff and was outstation for more than a week, which is why no post for a few weeks. And now, since my internship is going to over (like finally?), I have a little time for this and I wanted to share my experience of taking JLPT N5 test on the 6th of December. 
Apparently, JLPT test happens twice a year, which is July and December (usually on Sunday). The registration is opened 3 months before the test and ends about 13 days after the registration starts (I am not sure if it changes every year), so be sure to be quick. You don't want to wait for another year. This test is not restricted by age and you don't have to belong to any language institutions in order to take this test. Also, you can skip a level (e.g not taking N5 and straight away taking N4) if you think you have the confidence to pass that level. 
The applicants are allowed to choose the venue of the test - Kuala Lumpur, Penang, I…