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A very short update!

Hello, peeps!!
Just a very short update to not keep my blog inactive for such a long period. So, all my classes and tests are over (well, not all, I will be having additional test this Sunday 😭😭) and in 10 days time, I will be having my finals!!! 😨😨
Even though I have so done so many questions and attended all the revision classes, I am still not very satisfied with my performance. So, I will be doing some last minute drilling from now and hope that I will not be distracted (trying really hard for this 😅😅).
And so, I am very sorry for leaving until then. I will be sure to post a few things (and hopefully a few videos) after the finals.
Till then.👋

Drama review: Nightmare Teacher 악몽선생

Hello!! This past few weeks I was having exams. Though I couldn't say that they all went well, but I decided to take a little break (more like I couldn't resist my urge to watch something). So, I decided to watch a short Korean drama (as in less than 20 minutes for an episode). To my surprise, this drama is extremely good and although I have never written a review about a drama, I decided to write this. "It would be good if others can get something from it," that's what I think. 
So, this drama that I want to share is Nightmare Teacher 악몽선생.
It is about some mysterious events that happen in a school. It all starts when a temporary teacher replaces an injured teacher and wants to give counselling to the students, which he claims that the counselling will benefit them. However, the counselling he gives is not an ordinary one. It seems that the students who went for his counsel, have their wishes fulfilled, but disappear mysteriously later and no one remembers abou…

Manga: NG Life

Hey, it's been a while since I last posted something about manga. This time I found a good one, written and illustrated by Kusanagi Mizuho. This manga artist is quite a famous one, I would say. She is the author of Akatsuki no Yona, which is a hit manga. However, today, I'm not going to write about this manga, but another manga, which I think it has quite a unique storyline. 

Genre: Drama, Gender Bender, School Life, Historical, Romance, Comedy
Status: Completed
Chapters: 51 chapters, 3 sides
About: This story revolves around a high school guy, named Keidai Saeki, who unlike others around him, remembers about his past life. He always remembers about the past and gets messed up with those who have been reincarnated as his friends and family. What's more to this story is that the one he always longs for, his wife in his past life, reincarnated as a middle school boy living as his neighbour. This leads to a series of drama and comedy.
As he is always the only one that rememb…