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Seminar about Korean Wave and Traditional Local Korean dinner!!

Hello! Was quite lazy and was taking a break from blogging during Chinese New Year (excuse for all the excuses, ahem!)
3rd of Feb
Today, we attended a short seminar held in one of the prestigious university in Korea - Korea University!!! The topic of the seminar is "Everything You Wanted to Know about Hallyu" by Mr. Oh Ingyu, a professor specialised in Korean Wave. During the lecture, Mr Oh told us how Korean Wave started, the peak of Korean Wave, and a little about Korean Wave in the future.
To my surprised, Hallyu started from China and Japan and it became popular among them, typically young Chinese women and middle-aged Japanese women, who seeked to be free from melancholia (gender melancholia, racial melancholia and post-colonial melancholia) they faced. To cut the story short, the Japanese indulged in K-drama to be free from the tortured and dissatisfaction from their husband and the Chinese needed it to motivate them to study. 
Another huge discovery from this lecture …

Short visit to Amore Pacific and N Seoul Tower!

1st of Feb
Our schedule today was visiting to Amore Pacific - a leading cosmetic company in Korea. However, you might not find any "Amore Pacific" cosmetic brand in the market as it is a company that develops other famous cosmetics brands such as Laneige, Iope, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo and others. Its factory is located in Osan and at 12.07pm, we took a train in Seoul Station. The journey took about an hour.
Before we proceeded to the factory, we had lunch in one of the famous restaurant in Osan - jjusam jjusam. We ordered korean style bbq pork and octopus and it comes with a table full of banchan!! 
Just by looking at how the owner of the restaurant helped us with bbq-ing the porks and octopus made our saliva dripped.  
It was indeed delicious and the owner even told us how to eat it in a Korean way - which is wrapping pork, octopus and pickles in a salad kind of vegetables (no idea what it is called). Basically, those were what I ate. Before leaving, we saw a coffee machine an…

Outdoor Ice Skating and DDP!!

30th of Jan
Today, I went to outdoor ice skating with one of my exchange mates and one of the volunteer workers in the guesthouse I stay in. I decided to go to an outdoor skating rink as there are only indoor skating rinks in Malaysia. As we arrived, I thought that we were lucky as the ice rink was not crowded but I was wrong as it was only the time of ice resurfacing. So, we quickly went to buy the tickets. It costs 1000 won per person per hour, including shoe rental. 
The skating shoes are not the usual figure skating shoes they provide in Malaysia but ice hockey shoes, which I have not tried before. So, I was pretty excited with it. However, it turned out to be a horrible experience (not so horrible actually, but never a second time) as I couldn't balance well and fell badly. Well, maybe it was because of the shoes, the ice rink or maybe my skating skills have rotten? 
Side track a little. There was one thing I was curious about - what happen to the ice rink in a winter country…