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I'm back!!!

Hi all!! 
It's been 2 months, 3 months to be exact, since I last updated any "useful", "real" post. Here are my excuses I have made for myself:
If you have read my previous post, you should have known that I went to Japan for 2.5 months. Too busy travelling and the lack of wifi lead to the no post during my whole travelling period. 
After I came back from Japan on the 16th of Jan, I was busy planning for the next trip to Hong Kong on the 24th. Meeting up with my friends, catching up on dramas and mostly editing of videos all lead to the no post. 
And so, for apologies, there will and might be a series of post on my time in Japan, my opinion of Japan, and a short post of my trip in Hong Kong. Maybe the Hong Kong one comes first, since that will be the easiest. I'll try my best to make it a post a week since I have to try balancing up everything - applying job, editing videos and the upcoming Chinese New Year @.@. 
This is yet another not useful post, but be…