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ICAEW: Different learning experience

Hi!!! It's been a long time since I posted anything related to ICAEW. So here's one. 
For this semester, I took Business Planning: Taxation. It's supposed to be the last paper for professional level. As I deferred one semester, I took this paper second last, before Business Strategy. I was told that this paper is the toughest paper in this level. 
(IMPORTANT: Scholarship recipients are not allowed to defer. My deferment was a mistake by the office).
Unlike any other subjects, this subject is a little special, in which there are 2 lecturers who will be teaching it. One is from local and the another is from UK. Basically, it starts with local lecturer, which is then taken over by the UK lecturer. So, this class is a super-value as you are paying the same price as other classes in professional level. 

How does the class looks like? 
It's a 7 days crash course in a row, from 9.00am - 4.00pm, though he released us the earliest by 4.30pm and latest by 5.00pm. It's an extr…

Affordable Japanese Meal around Sunway University

Recently, I passed by Nadayu Resident (just right beside Sunway University)  and came across a really cute signboard of sushi. Although it was quite far,  it clearly written "sushi • omurice" below the cute tamago sushi, which piqued my interest. So,  I suggested my family to have a dinner in there.  Since it is near a university, it wouldn't be that expensive, I thought. It turns out to be true.

It's affordable for students and there are having a free membership to the first 1000 customers. Me and my sister ended up signing up as the member system as it is quite cconvenient for us, in which we would not receive a card, but to just tell our IC number to them to receive a discount.

The interior of this shop is clean and simple.  Close to Japan's minimalistic style.

They even have a "tatami room" which is available for booking for students who want to have a place to do their homework or assignments.  The worker told me that the booking is without…

I'm 21!!!

Like usual, the clock ticks and the day passes by. But, yesterday, even though it is like the usual, it was a little special. Just a little special, not much. I'm officially 21 now!!
On this very special day, I received a few amazing gifts a few days ahead. The very first gift was my ICAEW exam results which was released on Friday. Since it is a gift, it is meant to be a good news! I passed again!!! Farewell to another 2 papers. On the same day, I caught another late night movie. A movie that I have been waiting - Inferno. I was amazed by the puzzles and the concept of the movie. The story is definitely worth pondering about.
On the next day, I received my second gifts. It was a gift from my sister's boyfriend. He treated me and my sister to a sumptuous Korean dinner in SS15 Courtyard - Shinmapo Korean BBQ. It is really popular that reservations have to be made and they only gave 1 hour and 30 minutes for customers to dine in. It's rare in Malaysia here.

As we got o…

Kit Kat Chocolatory

Yesterday, my sister and I did the most outrageous thing ever. We participated in an audition to become an image consultant of BrandImage International Institute. Although it is said an audition, it is, in fact, a small chit chat session with the interviewers to see if we are qualified to participate in their contest -  Image Consultant Star Search. So, it was the most fun and informal interview I have ever attended. 
Why do I say it is the most outrageous thing ever? Well, the 'me' that I know - who hates competition more than anyone, who hates to lose more than anyone, who is terrible in makeup and fashion - would never have participated in this contest. You could say that with zero experience, I would be eliminated in the first round. For the first time, I don't really mind, but if possible, I want to get into third or final rounds to learn more things. What can I learn if I get eliminated in the first round, right? So, yeah. Time to watch more makeup videos an…