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Quitting ICAEW (Not official)

It's finally a holiday!!
There has been a paused to my blogpost as I was really busy attending classes, studying and taking exams. However, those are not relating to ICAEW. I believed that I have told you of my changing of plan long before I went to volunteer in Japan. Chance arrived shortly after I came back from Japan and I immediately grab hold of the chance to fulfill my childhood dream of being a cabin crew! And now I'm residing in another country to fulfill this dream of mine.
So, what about the course that I took? To update you that read my posts because of info on ICAEW, I truly am sorry for quitting halfway (though not officially, as I am still paying for ICAEW's annual student fee and have not sent in any documents to stop all my study altogether), and I have no plan to continue it, not at this moment. 
I was hesitating to continue after completing my professional level papers last year March (which surprisingly I managed to get through all of them in one try) s…