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My 100th Post!!

Hello, everyone!!!
It's the 100th post since I started this blog about 2 years ago (2 more months). I started it on a wimp - first for ICAEW, then about my life - with the thought of sharing information, firstly without feelings as I was afraid of showing too much of me. However, I began to add more feelings into them, noting every moment of my life, giving a little life to this blog. 
The viewership? It was a pity zero, yet steadily it increases to an average of 30 views per day. Everything starts with nothing, no? Even they weren't that many, I'm quite happy to be able to achieve this result. If you are new here, you can read all about this blog from here. There's nothing much that I can offer but I hope you do continue supporting me.
Since today is the last day of 2016 and after listening to radio of recapping the happenings that happened in 2016, I thought I should do my version of recapping for the year 2016 and my 2017 resolutions.

RECAP 2016 started with me, joi…

Christmas celebration

Merry late Christmas!!! 
How did you celebrate this wonderful day? 

Aunt's cooking We had a really sumptuous dinner made by my lovely aunt again!!! 
This pork rib was the same as the previous prok rib my aunt made.  This time it was the right tenderness.  

The lamb was requested by my sister who loves lamb so much. The sauce wasn't of much taste this time.  

Carrot cake was requested by me during the Christmas Eve. As it was requested last minute,  it wasn't perfect. It was quite dry this round,  but the taste and the cream cheese were good. I think she forgot to put cinnamon this time, which was why it was less fragrant. My aunt always forget to put something, making her cooking less consistent. 😂😂 
I used to not have any favour to carrot cake, but it has become one of my favourite cakes since my aunt made it long time ago (after much improvisation).  Unlike the ones that we can buy elsewhere, my aunt's is not that sweet and doesn't have the strong fragrant smel…

Winter Solstice celebration

Hello!! As promised, a post on some food my family and I ate on Winter Solstice.
I was invited by my aunt for dinner as she said she was going to prepare pork rib (it's nothing related to the traditional dish for this celebration though). A new dish that my aunt wanted to try to make. Just by seeing the word "pork rib", it was hard to refuse even though I'm lazy to go out. So, I forced myself - for the FOOD!! XD
When the night drew near, the smell of the smoked pork ribs filled the entire house, mmhhhmmmm....The irresistible smell. And  TADAA!!
I have tried pork ribs twice. They are the extreme. One was so tender and loose that everything fall apart and the other was tough that I gave up using fork and knife. My aunt's was in the middle but slightly to the tough side, which is not bad considering her first time. She took about 2 hours to smoke it. "If given another 30 minutes, it would be the perfect tenderness," she said. 
Now, to the taste, both that…

Unplanned food trip

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!!
Coming back with another post full of food (it's nothing extravagant though).
It looks like I'm a frequent guest of Sunway Pyramid since secondary school. It's hardly anywhere further. This time round the food is also in Sunway Pyramid. The eating part was actually after I had done doing the things that I have to do yesterday. As they were nothing worth to remember, I'll skip to the food part.
I've been craving for cakes lately since my aunt hasn't been making one. Thus, the first food was a dessert from Nadeje. The shop is decorated with royal blue finish and white furniture, giving it a classy feel. It specialises in variety of mille crepe cakes and is mainly distinguished between alcoholic and non-alcoholic cakes. Unlike the usual chocolate range cake, I ordered Royal Milk Tea. 
Royal Milk Tea is made of Japanese tea with fresh cream. The perfect blend of tea is unexpectedly fragrant, giving it an extremely pleasant smell w…

Winter Fest

I have just cut my hair - SHORT - yesterday. Finally, after don't know how many years, I resolved to have my hair short. Ever since my mum helped me in managing my hair, I have developed a phobia on cutting hair. This time was not an exception, I was stiffed the whole time, starring into the mirror, watching every movements the hairstylist made, thinking of what he is going to do next, praying on a good outcome. Prior to cutting my hair, I showed the hairstylist a picture of the haircut I look forward to. The outcome wasn't the same as the picture since we have different quality of hair. But the result?
Special thanks to DIVO Hair Connection for cutting my hair, giving me the new look and returning the shine to my hair. 
Well, it is not my intention to talk about hair today but about Winter Fest that is happening in Mid Valley from 16 - 26 Dec. Since I had class in Mid Valley on 17 dec, I decided to visit this event while grabbing lunch on the go. 
There are food boot…

Genting Highland trip

Last weekend, right after my Japanese class, my sister and I went up to Genting Highland for 2 days 1 night, without a place to stay.  Her purpose was to visit her boyfriend (let's called him "boyfriend" for now) and to film something for her YouTube video while I went up to take a breather from everything. It's been a while since I've been to anywhere anyway.
The taxi that boyfriend booked arrived at 7pm sharp in my grandma's house. Since I was really tired, I slept all the way to Genting. It wasn't a very pleasant ride though as the ride wasn't smooth and the driver kept looking at his messages even though he was going up the hill with many cars around. We definitely had a heart attack. A serious one. 
We arrived at Genting Grand greeted by boyfriend. It was a really windy, misty and chilly night. Due to the change in pressure, we were bloated and weren't feeling good. So, we decided to just walk around Genting while immersed in the Chri…

ICSS (Final)

Hello! It's been a while since my last post. All exams ended and I can't say that it was a good examination this semester. In fact, I think that it won't be a pass this round and would have to resit the next semester. Anyway, back to the competition that I promised to post.
The place where we begin is the place we end it. Thus, the last competition ground is at Capri Hotel. We were told to arrive early for a short lesson of cat-walking and a round of run through. After about an hour and half, we had a small breakfast. That's when the guests had already arrived and gathered for breakfast.
After the simple breakfast, the guests were gathered in a hall where all the activities took place and the contestants were gathered in a room for the competition preparation. BrandImage International Consultant managed to invite makeup artists from Kawon Makeover and hair stylists from Divo Hair Connection to help us in preparing for our competition. We were given plenty of time to p…