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Unhyeongung Royal Residence and Bukchon Hanok Village

27th Jan

One of the activities listed in the schedule was tour around Seoul and we were brought to visit Unhyeongung Royal Residence and Bukchon Hanok Village. Like always, the activities start at 2pm and end around 4pm (I have no idea why the activities are so short).
We had to take off at the Anguk Station and we arrived at Unhyeongung Royal Residence after we exited Anguk Station Exit 4. As we arrived, Mr. Kim, a volunteer cultural tour guide guided us around the palace and told a little history about this place. It was a residence of young King Gojong and his father, Heungson Daewongun, who acted as a regent until King Gojong was fully grown up. To cut the story short, this was a place where King Gojong (living in Norakdang outer quarters), his wife (living in Norakdang inner quarters), his father (living in Noandang), his father's wife (living in Irodang) and his servants, guards and maids (living in Sujiksa) stayed.
Visitors can experience wearing traditional Hanbok at a pri…

Starting of AIESEC's activities (SM Town, Sojukdoo, Seoul Global Cultural Centre, Global Village, Pottery making)

So, like the previous updates, this will be a long one. This post will probably be more interesting than the previous one as the AIESEC's activities started on the 19th of Jan. 

19th of Jan
The first activity of AIESEC SNU was visiting to SM town!! Although the purpose of this project is to introduce different sides of Korea besides K-pop, yet the K-pop culture in Korea is unavoidable. 
It has a total of 6 floors and we visited each floors, except the top floor. The first floor is the welcome stage (the EXO dolls above), and the second floor is the souvenir shops. On the 3rd floor, we visited their studios. However, the tour of the studio is not free. An individual has to pay 30000 won for the tour and it comes with 2 Polaroids, in which the individual can take 2 Polaroids anywhere in the studio (very expensive!!) and this fee is included in the service fee we paid during the induction seminar. 
The 4th floor is their cafe. It sells artist printed macaroons, drinks, cookies and sw…

Updates from the 3rd day to the 7th day in Korea!!

Hiii!! Haven't been updating for a few days. So here are what happen in the past few days. 

14th of Jan
I decided to go to Namdaemun Market as it is introduced in the map that is provided by the guesthouse. Since it is quite closed to my guesthouse, I decided to walk there using Waze (apparently I don't need to have Wifi and it functions normally even though I got lost).

To my surprise, the market in Korea has famous cosmetics stores as well (Nature Republic, Innisfree,...). Besides, we are allowed to bargain in this market and I actually tried it. I went to a cart that sells dining utensils as my aunt especially likes the spoon in Korea (thought of buying them for souvenirs). However, I did not buy it as I wanted to survey the prices in a few places before buying it.

I also went to the Namdaemun Underground Market. The underground market is more a place of arts. They sell ceramics, art craft and sorts. It is cleaner and has heater in it. So, it is definitely more comfortable …