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Manga: Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu


This manga, written and illustrated by Minami Kanan, is a story of perseverance, not giving up and choices to make in life.
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Shoujo, Comedy

Status: Completed

Chapters: 102 chapters

Other Media: Anime

About: The story starts with Hibino Tsubaki who is a hard-working middle school girl who dresses old-fashionably and always braids her hair. As she enters high school, she wants to change for the better by dressing cutely, but does not bring herself to do so. She dresses as always and goes to a new high school which is not of her choices. Not being in the school she desires and failing to be in the first place in the entrance exam, she is curious as to whom is the top student. It turns out to be a long haired guy who doesn't seem to care anything, yet he is handsome and popular - Tsubaki Kyouta. Tsubaki then finds her in the same class with Kyouta, what's more, sitting next to him. Her impression of Kyouta is of a bad one ye…

Just a day out

Another shopping day!! This time not Sunway Pyramid but Empire Shopping Gallery. I usually don't go Empire as the things there are not cheap, more of a higher class goods. The reason  I went there was because I heard that the Popular in Empire was having sales, but apparently we missed it. So, it became like a food hunting day instead. 
First, my sister and I went to this store that sells Hokkaido baked cheese tart as I have long seen this tart in Facebook and wanted to try for once. To my surprise, it costs RM 5.30 each, which is quite expensive, but still there was quite a long queue. They have this buy 5 free 1 promotion for RM 29. However, I bought only one as I am not the type who will buy a large amount of things if I have not confirm they are my cup of tea. No point wasting money (the cheapskate me). Another reasons are that I am really tight on budget now after coming back from Korea and there are 3 babies in this month. 
The crust is sweeter than I expected and the filli…

Volunteering + Samsung D'Light + Ojju 오쭈

Even though four months have passed since I was back from Korea, I can't seem to forget those happy, relaxing and cold days. So, I'm going to continue to write from where I left of. 

17th of Feb
Before the Lunar New Year, we promised to read storybooks with the kids again, which led to the afternoon activity - volunteering. However, not all of us got "kids" this time. A few of us got teenagers, including me. Initially, I rejected it as my English isn't really good and I wasn't confident enough to teach them broken English. I heard Korean kids are good in grammar and vocabulary, the part they are having trouble might only be speaking. However, my friends kept pushing me to read with them adding with the fact that I afraid kids, I had to accept it. This decision I made might probably be the worst decision ever. A nightmare. 
After a short self-introduction, we got to pick the "kids" we want or the other way round. I got the only girl among them. We ch…

A Day Out after Finals...

What to do after final? 
Shopping of course! However, it is more towards present shopping (this is what happen when there are 3 June babies in a family...😱).
So, my sister and I went to the usual place - Sunway Pyramid (again...😒) to hunt presents for my mum and my cousin. Before the hunt started, we went for a lunch. It was a disappointing one. The price and the taste. 
It was a new Japanese restaurant located in Hotel West of Sunway Pyramid. We ordered Tonkotsu Ramen. 

It is presentable but it is extremely salty. For the price of RM 25, the pork they gave is only one piece. ONE PIECE 😭😭. How???. Aren't the usual 2 or 3 pieces? We came to a conclusion that the rental must be really expensive and a high markup on the food. However, there are still something that I like about this restaurant. The spoon. The atmosphere.

Then, we continued the hunt. We found something for our mum but we do not have much cash in hand. So, we decided to delay the purchase. For our cousin, we could…

ICAEW real final!!!

Hello, peeps!!
After a long break from blogging, I can't wait to put one up right after I completed my exam (like 4 hours ago). 
This is one of the grandest exam I have ever had (though some of you might think this is common?). For first, the exam location is located in a hotel, a 4 star hotel (I don't know if it changes. It all depends on ICAEW). Next, we had free tea and coffee (maybe because it comes in a package?). A cup of tea or coffee to wake us up before exam, not a bad idea! Have you ever done an exam, in a room full of chandeliers? This is it.

Aside from that, it is one of the strictest exam. Bringing an identification card is a common thing, but debit or credit card? It is to check your signature. They literally compare your signature even stricter than the banker (though most of the bankers don't really check it). If you do not have one, you can bring your passport instead. For the open text book checking, they flipped through the pages (of course not page by …