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How I did my first 2 stages of ICAEW

Here's a post I promised on how I passed the first 2 stages of ICAEW (though I'm not sure if this post is necessary as I think my juniors did even better). I'm sure most of you have asked your seniors about their situations, what should I do to pass the exam, how did you study, what is the technique, etc... So, in this post, I hope I can answer them for you. I'm definitely not here to brag (since I did not fair very well myself), but I hope that you can get some inspirations of how to face these papers. 
First and foremost, the most important tip is to listen to the lecturers. If the lecturers told you to focus on that chapter, do it; if they tell you to do the question bank. do it; if they tell you to play, go play. They are the ones that help hundreds of students to pass the papers and from the students they have learnt their mistakes, their carelessness and thus improvise their teaching to help future students. They helped us to accumulate the past experien…