This blog is originally hmmmwhatismylifelike.blogspot.com, which the subdomain came in impromptu without much thought of gaining attention. However, due to the difficulty of remembering the long subdomain and wanting to put this blog into good use, I decided to change it into something easier and much more representative of me (though I don't think there is any difference to the way I write and the things that I will post).

The Subdomain
It is now changed to what you can see above wy-liveonce.blogspot.com. "wy" stands for my name Whitney Yee. "Whitney" is the name I thought for myself in the past as a name in the games I played and it just stuck with me since then (I didn't know there are people named "Whitney" then. It shows how little knowledge I had, something that is not to be proud of). "Yee" is the name my grandma gave. So, together "Whitney Yee" represents all of me.

The reason I choose "live once" is to serve as a reminder that each and everyone lives only once in this world. You die and your life ends there. However, who knows when will your life ends? It can be another 50 years, 10 years, next week, tomorrow or even the next seconds. So, you should do the things that you want, live the life you want NOW so that no matter when the fire of your candle goes off *touchwood*, you will never regret, you will leave smiling.

I am pretty sure most of you will think "but I have so many things that I want to do". Look, there are tonnes of things that one can do in this world. The list will never end but keeps increasing as the world keep changing and you will never accomplish them all. It's a reality.

There might also be excuses like "I have no money", "I have no time", "my parents don't allow", "the consequences I have to suffer..." bla bla bla,... These excuses surely are the ones that hinder your way and to be honest, these are the excuses that I have always used. However, do you realise that these are the "little devils" in you that say "no" to what you want to do? It shows your lack of resolve and that you don't really want to do it. Therefore, if you really want something, these excuses will serve as your challenge to grow in pursuing the things that you want to do.

Therefore, do whatever you can now and be appreciative to what you have achieved. At the very least, you have tried something and not "I should have tried that" when you leave this world. These are my principles to living.

Together, "wy-liveonce" represents me in pursuing the things that I want to get involve in or do for the purpose of some other things and hopefully, through the things that I share, I can spark your inner fire to live the life you want as well.

The Theme
After much consideration, I chose to use the theme that is powered by Blogger - Contempo, because of it simple, structured and easy-on-eyes design.

I have used the greenish blue theme provided as well and played around with the theme colour on the body, header, post and side bar's background colour to achieve a dynamic yet harmony effect.

The background image used was taken by me during my Sarawak trip in Bako National Park that, in my opinion, goes well with the coloured theme I chose. Besides the low resolution, it looks peaceful, don't you think so?

For the header, "Live Life to the Fullest", I have used the font "Chewy" that could bring out the liveliness, the impact and the fullness of the message that I want to relay. And for the rest, I have used "Lato" due to its simplicity and neatness.


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