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Manga: Sousei no Onmyouji

Since it's been a while I'm posting about manga, here's an ongoing manga I found it interesting and exciting. It is written and illustrated by Sukeno Yoshiaki.

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Romance, Comedy
Status: Ongoing
About: This story involves 2 young yet talented exorcists, who are destined to be together and fight impurities. They dream to be the strongest exorcist, to have the power that surpass the greatest exorcist in the history - Abe no Seimei. Unbeknownst to them, they are the "twin star", a couple who is able to on the same level as Abe no Seimei and surpass the legend if they have a kid?! The kid will be the strongest exorcist that will exorcise all impurities. However, these 2 youngsters are like fire and water. They argue on almost everything. Also, because of a tragedy that happened 2 years ago, to be a couple might not be the easiest thing. What happened 2 years ago and what will the 2 protagonists do? 
This manga is very…

Japanese Snacks in Malaysia (Part 4)

I have been so busy with my WBL and "this and that" that I barely have time to write a thing. What is the "this and that"? Well, I'm not going to write about this now. I'll write it when I have more free time (probably after my internship?) since it is going to be a whole new experience for me ... and maybe for you too.
So, today I am going to write about Japanese Snacks in Malaysia (Part 4). These snacks are what I found when I was out for stock take in a shopping mall. Since it is in a shopping mall that I have never been to, I decided to walk around and I found this store name - Village Grocer. It is actually a normal grocery store like Giant and Jaya Grocer but it has a variety of imported goods. So, these are some of the snacks that I have found.

Truffe [RM 5.90 (GST included)]

This is not the original price. It is a discounted item and I bought it immediately seeing that the price was reasonable. This truffe is not an ordinary chocolate. It co…

ICAEW Annual Dinner

It is almost the end of the year and it is now the time of annual dinner "wave". Our prestigious professional accounting body -  ICAEW, of course, will not miss this "wave". And so, I was invited to this annual dinner by my firm. Apparently, my friends from other big firms were not invited. I heard it is because they have a lot of workers studying ICAEW, so they could only invite important people. Another friend who is working in Mustapharaj, on the other hand, was invited and was told to help out at the registration desk as her boss is one of the organising committee. And, of course, my class ICAEW ambassador was invited too. Thankfully, I am not the only Batch 16 in there. 
Finished with introduction of my friends who were invited there and now let's continue with more stories of annual dinner. After I finished my work, I asked one of my colleagues, who was invited to this dinner, to fetch me to the destination as well. It was near my workplace, whic…

Stray dog met an accident

Hi!! A not very happy news this time, but I hope this post can help the stray dogs out there if you have met with one.

So, on Saturday, I was going out to my grandmother house on the afternoon. As my sister was driving, I saw a dog carcass on the middle of the road. Died miserably hitting by a vehicle I supposed. I could not do anything about the dog as it was already dead. As my sister went on, she turned into a factory area. That area is always filled with stray dogs roaming about and I am always worried that a dog might be run by a car one day (seeing their leisure behaviour of always sleeping in the middle of the road). And thus, the worry I have finally happened.

A light brown stray dog lying at the side of the road, in a pool of blood, gasping for air. Seeing that the dog was not dead. I immediately asked my sister to stop the car. She hesitated a little, asking me of what we could do about the dog. "I don't know" was what I answered but I suggested to call my aunt…