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Getaway to Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah (Part 2)

Hi, everyone!!
So, I blogged Day 1 of my trip in Langkawi, and now the remaining days.

DAY 2 We had our breakfast in Red Tomato Restaurant & Lounge. For those who are planning to go to Langkawi, there's a different between Nasi Tomato Kandar (Malay and Indian food) and Red Tomato Restaurant & Lounge (Western food), although they are both in Pantai Cenang, so don't get confuse. 
The interior of almost every restaurant is quite dim no matter day or night...
And so, we tried their signature dishes:
Egg Benedict comes with a choice of salmon, beef, chicken ham or mushroom for vegetarians and are wrapped with 2 poach eggs. We chose salmon. I like how they present it. It looks simple on the outside but there's something unexpected on the inside. Think about it, one can't be full with just eggs and salmon, right? So, there are protein, fibre, fats,... and what's missing? That's right, carbohydrates!! I will let you guess what "carbohydrates" they use…

Getaway to Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah (Part 1)

On the 23rd of June, my high school friends and I went to Langkawi, officially known as Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah!! It was a 3 days 2 nights trip. The trip was planned one month ahead as AirAsia was offering cheap flights and we took this chance to have a small gathering before everyone is busy with their studies again. It is a budget trip so there's nothing luxury.

We managed to secure the flights (2 ways) and the hotel for RM 182.17/person (including taxes and airline card fee)!! We stayed at Malibest Resort in Pantai Cenang. I'm glad we chose Malibest Resort as it is strategically located between the airport and the town, Kuah, and all the best restaurants are within walking distance, and most importantly, it is near the beach!!

After we arrived at Langkawi International Airport, we rented a car (Toyota Vios - RM 140 for 3 days, and another RM 50 for deposit) at the airport. The original price was RM 160 and I think you can still bargain for a cheaper price,…

Madame Waffle

Hello peeps!! A very short post here.
In my mother's mission to get me plump, I came across a well-known restaurant in Midvalley Megamall - Madame Waffle. 
I ordered a Tiramisu waffle as it is a "hot" item. 
Unlike the traditional waffle, this waffle is more to the bread side. It is crispy on the outside and is handsomely topped with Tiramisu. To my surprise, the tiramisu is riched with alcohol taste (maybe because of the concentrated coffee?) and matches well with the waffle and I love how they are not stingy with the tiramisu and the beautiful decoration. 
However, there is a downside too. The plate. I was quite irritated when the plate is not stable when I was cutting the waffle. It destroyed my mood (well, just a little, though =P). Oh, and can anyone guess how much does this waffle cost? (See the answer below XD)
Beside the plate and the price, I am totally satisfied with this waffle and would definitely DEFINITELY love to try it again. There are also some other fl…

Sweetness in the midst of bitter...

Hello everyone!!
Finals is finally over and it's now time to shop for clothes for internship since there will be a grooming session right after the beginning of the next semester. But before that, I'll write a post about the food that me and my friend actually able to find time to eat during the preparation of finals XD. 
Bored of the usual Rock Cafe food, we decided to dine in a newly open restaurant in Sunway Pyramid - Jumping Bean. Jumping Bean is a Japanese dessert casual cuisine. It serves a wide variety of toast, waffle, and other main dishes, like spaghetti. Since it is famous for its toast and waffle, we decide to order these:
The waffle is presentable and the taste is not that bad but it can be better. As you can see the outer layer is not crispy. With the addition of Nutella, the ice cream and the thickness of the waffle, it is even softer. It would have been better if the workers can "burn" the waffle a little bit more, so that it is crispy on the outside…

BRT Sunway Line

Hello, everyone !!!
Today, I am going to talk about Malaysia's first elevated electric bus service - Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). One step nearer to Malaysia's Vision 2020!! *Cheers*
BRT service was launched on 2nd of June and it has 7 stations around Sunway and Subang Jaya to ease the traffic congestion in the area. The first station will be at USJ  7, follow by South Quay (behind Mydin), Sun U-Monash, SunMed, Sunway Lagoon, Mentari and the last station at Sunway-Setia Jaya (or it can be the other way round). USJ 7 station is an interchange station with the future LRT and to Rapid KL's Kelana Jaya Line, which will definitely benefit the citizen around the area.
BRT has similar features of  Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Malaysia. It has: Dedicated elevated lanes - This means that the buses have a special lane all by itself. There will be no other vehicles except the electric buses. No other vehicles = No traffic jam ! Environmental-friendly buses - The buses are electrical-powere…

Manga: Dance! Subaru

Hello, everyone!
One of the mangas that I have completed is "Dance! Subaru" written by Soda Masahito.

Genres: Drama, Psychological, Seinen, Sports
Status: Completed
Chapters: 115 chapters, 8 extras (11 volume)

Sequel: Moon -Subaru Solitude Standing- (not translated yet)
Other media: JMovie
About: This story begins with Subaru, who dances everyday for her dying twin brother, just so that he will remember her and he always does at the end of the day. Later, she is invited by one of her classmates to join a trial ballet class and Subaru immediately falls in love with it. As the time passed, she decides to pursue ballet as her career and thus starts a journey full of obstacles. How will she begin this career? What company does Subaru join? Being an exceptional one, the companies that want her and the company she chooses must be more than something.
At first, I am worried that this manga will be dull and boring, but to my surprise, it is not. In fact, it piques my interest as th…