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Manga: Switch

Hello there!
Bored of the usual love manga? Then, what about Switch written and illustrated by Naked Ape, where an unusual friendship love is portrayed?

Genre: Drama, Action, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen
Status: Completed
Chapters: 13 Volumes, 69 Chapters
Other media: Anime
About: This manga is all about catching drug dealers and drug users involving Narcotics Control Department (NCD). However, the "protagonist" of this manga is "Switch", where it is rumored to kill a lot of people. The drug is so deadly that it is coveted by Ryuugen, a chinese smuggling drug ring. However, due to an incident, the whereabouts of "Switch" is unknown and the truth about the incident is buried. In order to find "Switch" and the truth, Hal Kurabayashi joins NCD with Kai Eto as his partner. Unlike the gentle and innocent Kai Eto, Hal Kurabayashi is a brilliant new investigator when comes to work. He will use his charm and intelligence to catch the criminals, by a…

Manga: Tenshi Ja Nai!

Hello peeps!
Here's a romantic, gender bender manga written and illustrated by Shigematsu Takako. 

Genre: Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Comedy, Slice of Life
Status: Completed
Chapters: 8 Volumes, 40 Chapters
About: This story involves Hikaru Takabayashi, who was once bullied by her jealous schoolmates of her modelling in a famous commercial in grade-school. Traumatised by it, she keeps a low profile and is determined to lead a quiet and normal life in Seika Girls' Academy, where her mother is one of the alumni. However, she immediately becomes the spotlight of the school after being a roommate of a super famous idol, Izumi Kido. Though she tries to keep her distance with Izumi, she discovers Izumi's secret and is threatened to keep the secret, by all means. As Hikaru is kind, she ends up helping Izumi a lot and is constantly being targeted by Izumi's fangirls and Momochi from the school newspaper, who wants to get a scoop about Izumi from Hikaru…

Manga: Hiiro Ouji

Here's a manga written and illustrated by Murasaki Midori.

Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, School Life
Status: Completed 
Chapters: 16
About: Mana is an exorcist who is trained to fight vampires since she was a child. One day, she is ordered by his father (priest) to capture a vampire that is blended with the society and is living among the human. How will she identify the vampire? As soon as she reaches at her new school, an incident happens where she met Okamoto, a carefree vampire who quickly exposes  his identity when they first met. What's more shocking is that Okamoto does not consume blood directly from human, but instead he feeds through blood transfusion?! Mana is shocked by this unexpected situation and so she decides to observe him before taking the next step. As the story goes on, other characters with supernatural abilities appear. How will Mana handle this? Will she exterminate all of them?
HA! Another modern vampire story where the vampire…

Japanese Snacks in Malaysia (Part 3)

Here's another post of Japanese snacks that can be found in Malaysia. And today, both of the snacks are from Shojikiya, a higher end Japanese store in Malaysia (if you compare with Daiso... it is of a pricy side...)
Kinoko Chocolate - RM10.50

I have read about this biscuits in a magazine about snacks in Japan and I believe like Doubutsu Yochi, it is a childhood snack. I have always wanted to try it and finally, I found it in Shojikiya and immediately, I bought it.

It comes in a packet full of "mushrooms". Thankfully, it is not filled with "air", so I think it is worth the money. And as per the box said, It has 2 layers of chocolates, dark chocolate and milk chocolate (I supposed it is Meiji chocolate, since they are from the same company, and I love LOVE Meiji chocolate!), and they match perfectly with the cracker. It is so good that I might get addicted to it!

Sakusaku Panda & Logy -  RM 10.50

I supposed logy is the cute rabbit below the panda? At f…

Lunch in Nando's

Hello!! Sorry for not posting anything for 2 weeks. I was really busy with my Work-Based Learning (WBL) application (resume and stuff...) and examinations, so I do not have the time to write, much less for sleeping. This same situation will happen for this whole semester until 14th of September (2 examinations every 2 weeks, interviews, assignments ...... @.@). So, there will be significantly reduction in posts, very much sorry. (Have to work hard for the free lunch! >.<)
And so today, I am writing on our CFAB free lunch again!! For your information, we have successfully obtained 100% pass for Management Information paper. Good job, classmates! For more information regarding free lunch and for the experience of the first free lunch, click here.
As per the post title, we had our lunch in Nando's. Instead of using the RM 25 with normal set plate, I had a thought, "why not spend it on desserts and drinks that I would never have ordered it if I were to go for a normal lunc…