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Educational Visit (Arirang), Ehwa Dong Mural Viillage

Hello!! Since I do not have anything to write about lately, guess it's time to continue my story back when I was in Korea!! Time sure does flies. It's already been a year and a half since then. 

19th Feb
Today, we were arranged to visit Arirang, a broadcasting station. Unlike KBS, who targets local audience, Arirang targets more towards foreign audience while spreading the uniqueness of Korean culture. The channel they broadcast speaks more in English and when they are speaking in Korean, there will be English or other languages' subtitles (depend on which channel you are watching).
For this visit, it was quite similar to what we had done in SM Town such as visiting studio. However, it is more in depth as they also gave explanation to the uses of the equipment they used. They made it seem like a visit for an educational purpose rather than for tourism purpose, which met the objectives of this exchange.
After they gave us a brief description about their company, we were imm…