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4D3N in Hong Kong (part 2)

Hi! Happy Chinese New Year!! Continuing from the previous post.


We woke up early for breakfast at the Hong Kong-ians' favourite DIM SUM! We went to a dim sum restaurant near our hotel and ordered about 12 items as my sister and I were starving (planned to stuff as much as we could as we knew that the food in Disneyland would cost twice as much as the usual food price). We thought that 12 items were quite the normal amount until the waitress turned around and confirmed with us the amount of food that we ordered. Were 12 items too much for 4 people? 
These are some of the items that we ordered. If you are not sure what to order, try order the items that are marked with a star. Those are the recommended items. 

Right after the sumptuous breakfast, we immediately headed off to the must-go destination - Hong Kong Disneyland. Going to Disneyland by MTR is not a mission impossible. In fact, MTR in Hong Kong has the easiest route from all the places that I have been to. Look at the …