29th SEA Games Volunteering Experience

The 29th SEA Games has ended about two weeks ago. I thought of posting my volunteering experience earlier but as I was quite busy, it is delayed till now.

The 29th SEA Games event was held mainly in Kuala Lumpur from 19th of Aug till 30th of Aug. Being a host country after 16 years, how could I not join in the fun? And so, I applied to be a volunteer last year July. Of course, I pulled my sister to join in as well. Through the official webpage, we were required to fill in our details and were allowed to choose the games and position we desired. All done and what's left was to wait for the result.

The result of the application was then notified to us in January via email. As there were a large amount of applicants, every applicants might receive notification on a different date. I thought I was rejected, at first, as my sister had received it earlier. Thankfully, I received it on a later date. I would have been so depressed if I had not received it. After the notification, it was …

Educational Visit (Arirang), Ehwa Dong Mural Viillage

Hello!! Since I do not have anything to write about lately, guess it's time to continue my story back when I was in Korea!! Time sure does flies. It's already been a year and a half since then. 

19th Feb
Today, we were arranged to visit Arirang, a broadcasting station. Unlike KBS, who targets local audience, Arirang targets more towards foreign audience while spreading the uniqueness of Korean culture. The channel they broadcast speaks more in English and when they are speaking in Korean, there will be English or other languages' subtitles (depend on which channel you are watching).
For this visit, it was quite similar to what we had done in SM Town such as visiting studio. However, it is more in depth as they also gave explanation to the uses of the equipment they used. They made it seem like a visit for an educational purpose rather than for tourism purpose, which met the objectives of this exchange.
After they gave us a brief description about their company, we were imm…

How I did my first 2 stages of ICAEW

Here's a post I promised on how I passed the first 2 stages of ICAEW (though I'm not sure if this post is necessary as I think my juniors did even better). I'm sure most of you have asked your seniors about their situations, what should I do to pass the exam, how did you study, what is the technique, etc... So, in this post, I hope I can answer them for you. I'm definitely not here to brag (since I did not fair very well myself), but I hope that you can get some inspirations of how to face these papers. 
First and foremost, the most important tip is to listen to the lecturers. If the lecturers told you to focus on that chapter, do it; if they tell you to do the question bank. do it; if they tell you to play, go play. They are the ones that help hundreds of students to pass the papers and from the students they have learnt their mistakes, their carelessness and thus improvise their teaching to help future students. They helped us to accumulate the past experien…

3D2N in Kuching

Here's an itinerary of Kuching that I promised. It is suitable for those who are going to Kuching for 3 days 2 nights (if you arrive in Kuching early and left late) or 4 days 3 nights (for those who arrive early and left early). For the former, it might be a little rush, but that is all depend on your interest and time allocation. 

Fort Margherita and Brooke's Gallery (9.00am - 4.45pm)
A close up view of Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN)
Sarawak Cultural Village (9am - 5pm) - General admission: RM 60 (adult); RM 30 (child 6-12 years old) (For Malaysians, do remember to bring student ID) - Cultural shows: 11.30am - 12.15pm (morning session); 4.00pm - 4.45pm (evening session) - Public transport: Shuttle service at Grand Margherita Hotel and Riverside Majestic Hotel - Estimated time taken: 3 and a half hour (including the cultural show)
City Night Tour (either in Carpenter Street or Padungan Street)

Bako National Park (latest boat return 3pm) - Entrance fee: RM 10 pe…

Japan Internship Program

Yesterday, I attended a seminar in Menara Welds regarding Japan Internship Program and thought of sharing this information to those who are interested in joining this program, putting a hold on the planned post of Kuching itinerary. 
This internship program is organised by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan, partnering with Pasona, to attract young foreign talents (20 - 40 years old) from developing countries (OECD/DAC-listed countries) to internship in Japan for a period of 3 months

Purpose of this program (taken from the website) To allow Japan to achieve greater internalisationTo help small and medium firms for business development and expansionTo change awareness through working with foreign talentsTo encourage cross-cultural communicationTo build networks and developing in-house system with overseas universities

Who can apply? Those who have the same goal as this programCitizens of OECD/DAC-listed countriesApplicants aged 20 - 40 years old (as at 3…

Kuching: Food Heaven

During the whole trip in Kuching, there were only two places that we went for food, with the most visited area in Padungan Street and some in Carpenter Street. Since Sarawak's food can be found mainly in these 2 areas, and the restaurants are closely located with one another, going to any Chinese restaurants or foodcourt allows you to have these Sarawak's delicacies. Some of the food I tried might not be the best but it may taste good in the other restaurants. 

1. Kolo Mee

The taste is quite similar to Wantan Mee without the wantans and the black sauce. Since I love Wantan Mee, I have no complains with this noodle. The dipped sauce in Sarawak is a little special. In West Malaysia, the dipped sauce is usually cut chili with soy sauce, but in Sarawak, it is vinegar with cut chili. 

2. Kampua

With a look almost similar to Kolo Mee above, its taste is close to Cintan's instant noodle. 

3. Kueh Chap

If you eat this, you eat the entire pig. Why do I say this? Because, thi…

Kuching: Back-In-Time Adventure

Hello!! Sorry for the super late post. 
It's the final day in Kuching. This time is a totally different theme from the last 2 days, a little back-in-time adventure - Cave adventure.

Wind Cave Wind cave is a very dark cave located in Bau. It is famous for being home to thousands of bats and other dark-loving creatures. 
Wind Cave has 3 passages in total, in which each passages has different attractions.

We first went to the riverfront as we thought that was the entrance but it was not. The entrance is not that obvious but clear enough if you pay attention. As we arrived, we heard a lot of squeaking sound. I couldn't imagine how many bats are living in this cave. After we paid for the entrance fee, we entered the cave, firstly without the torch.

However, our phone's torch proved to not be that useful as it could only light up a short distance. So, we went back out and rent a head lamp, that according to the ranger, could bright up a further distance, even though it is not as…