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DARC - a place to enjoy =)

Hello guys and girls !!
Today, I am going to write about Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club (DARC) (where I learn horse riding) as well as to promote this fun and healthy activity.
First, a little intro about this club. DARC is founded by Mr Terry Teo in 2010. Situated in Denai Alam, the club is surrounded with lots of nature where everyone can relax and have fun. It opens daily EXCEPT MONDAY. DARC is a very "family-centered" thing. Why do I say so? It allows a family to join the club with only RM 180 per year. (Note: the membership is per family, not per person.) By joining the club, you can enjoy a variety of activities and classes at a membership price with your family. 

The activities that you can join are horse riding, motorcross, archery, fencing, board games and others. There is a gym too, however all the machines is not functioning, which actually disappoints me. Besides that, there is a mini zoo right at the entrance. 
A club is not a club without a restaurant…

CFAB: Is CFAB tough?

Hello everyone!!!
Recently, I have met up with a few juniors from the new intakes. When I met them, most of them will ask the same questions. "Is CFAB tough?" When I asked for the reasons, they told me that that's what they heard from their lecturer. So, today I am going to answer this question as well as to provide solutions to your problems. (These answers might apply to other courses as well =) )
Is CFAB tough? I would say it depends on a few factors:
Interest- Why are you in CFAB? 1) Are you interested in this field? 2) Are you forced by your parents? 3) Are you here just because this path provides you with a stable career? or 4) Are you here because you do not know what to study? If your choice is 1, congrats!! I do not think you will have much difficulty compare to others. Just make sure to keep your passion burning and don't let it dies out. Do what you have to do and if you think you are not improving, seek help! (Friends, lecturers and councilors are always …

Japanese Snacks in Malaysia (Part 2)

Hi everyone!! Happy Wesak Day!! Previously, I wrote on Japanese Snacks but this time is sweets!!

Sakuma Fruit Drops [Daiso - RM 5.30 (GST included)]

It becomes famous because of the movie "Grave of the Fireflies" (It is a sad anti-war film which tells the story of two siblings who struggled to survive during the final month of the World War II). In case, you haven't watched it, I strongly recommend it to you (a must watch film!). Back to the topic. It has different flavours (grape, pineapple, orange, apple and lemon) and from what I recalled, previously there isn't any chocolate flavour but now they do. I also tasted the mint one but I think the mint one is not supposed to be in there (it went to the wrong packaging? o.O). There is another similar tin Daiso sells that has only mint. 

Maccha Caramel [Shojikiya - RM 7.30 (GST included)]

I bought this sweet when I visited Shojikiya in Sunway Pyramid as I have never tried any sweets with this flavour. The sweet texture is…