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Kuching - A Nature Fortress

The second day for the Kuching trip was an early schedule of 6.30am for breakfast before heading out to the first main attraction - Bako National Park
How to get there
1. Get to the Bako Terminal (boat jetty) by: Bus - No.1 Rapid Kuching (red bus) from Open Air Market (in Carpenter Street, next to Electra Market)Van - I supposed it picks up at the same area as the van. I advised you to enquire the hotel staff in the place you stay inTaxiRent a car - there's a free parking area right in front of the Bako Terminal 2. In the boat jetty, you have to: Pay entrance fee - RM 10/ personPay for boat ride to Bako National Park - RM 30/ person (two ways). This is for those who go without joining a tour. 
Mind that when you arrive at Bako National Park, this will happen:

Luckily, there are a few areas for you to wash your leg (one is right at the entrance and the other is right in front of the toilet). But before you clean up your leg, might as well take your time to walk around the b…


Guys, guys!!
My result came out just now and I finally PASSED my final paper for the  professional level!!!

Did you know?
There's a credit list and a pass list. It is a list that shows the name of all the candidates that pass a paper. While both only show professional papers result for that seating, there is a slight difference to it. Only those who have passed all the papers in professional level will be listed in the pass list, while others in the credit list. The marks will not be revealed and therefore it is opened to the public. You can access this through here:

You can receive your result through SMS and/or email. Log in to your account Click "For current ACA students"Click the "result notification link"Click "Manage email / SMS results notification"Choose your preference With this, your results will be sent to you at around 12.00 (UK time) or 19.00 (Malaysia time). You won't have to frantically log in t…

Kuching - A Cultural Stronghold

Greetings!! I have changed my subdomain and the layout. What do you guys think?? I'm quite satisfied with it, with the exception of the "popular posts" could not be put on the side bar, else it would obstruct the post. Anyway, here's the post for my trip to Sarawak. 
On 5th of April, my family and I went to Kuching, Sarawak. It was a trip decided a week before the trip, after my dad said he had 4 days off and wanted to go for a vacation. That's how I got the chance to visit this beautiful and friendly city. The whole trip was planned by me with a little contributions from my dad. There was at least a main attractions in each day with city sightseeing for the spare time.

Before I start writing about my journey, here's a little story about the the city name. The name Kuching, when search in dictionary, means cat. Coincidentally, right before my trip, a radio channel (which I forgot which channel) mentioned about the origin of the name Kuching. Apparently, the …