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Difference between ACCA and ICAEW written by Dheeraj Vaidya

Hello!! Though I did say I am to be in study mode for 3 weeks, my hand could not leave the touch of my phone and I stumbled across this interesting article today. And so I thought I want to share this article to everyone who could not decide on whether to pursue your study in ACCA or ICAEW, and hence a very short post today.
It is an article written by Mr. Dheeraj Vaidya. It includes a short introduction of ACCA and ICAEW, where it covers information on the number of stages, duration of examination, professional fee and etc. The article also reveals the difference between ACCA and ICAEW in terms of global recognition, regulation, duration of course, job relevancy, flexibility, the scale of toughness in terms of exam and, the most important, the salary difference. Lastly, it covers the reasons why you should pursue your study in either ACCA or ICAEW.
So, if these are the questions you are dying to know, then click on this link
All in all, it is what you want that help you to decide …

My First ICAEW Test (NOT finals)

Have been disappearing for the past 2 weeks, mainly due to the progress test in the 9th and 10th, and partly due to my laziness. Hahaha.
Last week, was my first test of ICAEW paper. Unlike CFAB paper, ICAEW test is all done in handwriting, which is a huge transition from the CFAB computer-based exam. Apparently, ICAEW has the plan to change ICAEW tests from handwriting into using computer as well. However, due to certain circumstances, the plan is delayed. Currently, I am taking Audit and Assurance (AA) and Financial Management (FM)  paper. The test duration is 2 and a half hour and as usual the passing mark is 55.
Like usual, I entered a room and start with the test. After the stated time, the invigilators collected our answer booklet and passed us the answer sheet. The results, of course, we had to wait as it needs to be marked by someone unlike CFAB test, which is graded automatically by the computer. I heard from my friends that the papers may not be marked by the lecturers thems…

Seminar on Korean Celebrities + My first ski experience !!!

Now back to my adventure in Korea. 
15th of Feb
Today, we had another seminar about Korean wave, not in Korea University, but in Seoul National University. Unlike the topic previously, which was too much to comprehend for me, this topic Korean-wave Celebrities between Nationalism and Commercialism was much lighter. It was about the definition of Korean celebrities in the perspective of Koreans and in the eyes of foreigners, what the Koreans expect from their celebrities and what the celebrities should do to not be involve in any controversies, lectured by Dr Olga Fedorenko.
As we all know, Koreans have high expectations of their celebrities. They defined the Korean celebrities as someone who is patriotic, abide the laws, a good citizen and a role model to the citizens. This is also why the Koreans think highly of the celebrities who joined the compulsory military service (for guys) in Korea and criticise those that did not. Besides being patriotic, they are expect to not involve in an…