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Reasons for disappearance

Hi Peeps!
I've been disappearing for a whole month and guess what?! I'm in Japan!!! I will be in Japan for 2.5 months. Why so long?!
Actually, it's a pretty similar concept to what I was doing in Korea - VOLUNTEERING! After having gone through these 2 programmes, I realised the meaning of volunteering - doing something without MONETARY returns. In Korea, I went to a cultural exchange volunteering program. This time, too, is a cultural thing, but more towards hands-on cultural thing, for this program, it's known as internship.
This VOLUNTEERING internship programme is organised by Holiday Club which they collaborate with ICLS, the place where I took Japanese lesson. Apparently anyone who took Japanese lesson in ICLS could join this programme. However, in the first batch, there was one person who is not a student for ICLS, but she is able to join the programme with certain condition, of course. 
The person from Holiday Club has collaborated with a few Japanese hotels, r…