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Spartan Super 2016

Hey everyone!!!

My classes started this week!!! My first 2 papers for this semester are Audit and Assurance and Financial Management. As always, our lecturers started the lecture with some scares, jokes and without further wasting time, they started with the first few chapters. Also, meeting with my friends after a semester felt so good. We had lots of talking and catching up. Of course, I did not fail to ask about the situations last semester. Seems bad to me with the low passing rate for the school tests but, surprisingly, they told me that the actual was easier compared to the internal exams. Anyway, I hope I can cope with all the stress but for today, I'm not going to talk more about ICAEW. What I'm about to talk is an extremely fun activity that I participated on the 20th of March, which means last Sunday - Spartan Super Race!!!

Earlier this year, I registered this race together with my friends, my sister and my cousin. I participated this race because I have always fond …

Gwangjang market (food market) + night club in Korea

Back to my throwback diary.

13th of Feb
Today, is the warmest day throughout this whole winter. It is 12 degree Celcius!! Thus, I decided not to wear my down jacket, but instead I wore a normal UNIQLO fleece jacket. 
Introduced by my friends, I went to yet another traditional market in Korea - Gwangjang Market. Yes, although this is a traditional market, the "departments" are well-sectioned. What I meant when the "departments" are well-sectioned is that they have the food department, household departments, fish and poultry departments,... While this may seem ok to me, but I was surprised is that the food department is well-sectioned too. Well, it is definitely not the kind we usually see where they separate fruit from vegetables. They section stores that sell Korean style pancake (or jeon in Korea), bibimbap, seafood, inners of poultry and many more food into 4 main streets. This means that when you go into a street, you will see different stores that sell the same…

Free eye check-up

Hello!! Put aside my recap on my journey in Korea, I decided to write something short and different today that may or may not be benefiting to all of you.  
Today, I went for an eye check-up in the National Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences, which is an educational institute set up underThe Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital (THONEH). It is located at Petaling Jaya, right beside THONEH. 
The reason I went for a check-up is not that I have any discomfort in my eyes but because my mum has it and she was recommended by an optometry to visit the institute to have a full eye check-up, and she dragged me along, even though I was really reluctant about it (the only check-up that I would voluntarily go is only teeth check-up, even though I'm scared of dentist the most). It is a free check-up by appointment. If you do not mind the one helping you to check your eyes are students, do go and visit this institute. It's FREE!
My mum made an appointment at 4pm for yesterday for 4 persons, wh…

Free Traditional Alcohol Gallery

11th of Feb
Today, we went to visit around Seoul National University (SNU) and have a short Korean classes taught by our OCs. Before we started our class, we got to have light lunch in the convenience store in the university. By light lunch, what I meant were ramyun and ice cream... While I did not eat ramyun but ice cream, my friends did. This fulfilled some of my friends', include my, wish to experience the life of Korean university students (wasn't referring to all students). 
After the light lunch, we then headed to AIESEC SNU's "headquarter" to have a class on Korean. It was requested by us as some of us, including me, have not learned Korean before we arrived although some of us could understand some Korean after watching too many Korean dramas. Knowing a little Korean will help us to survive and experience Korean's life better, especially when ordering food. We were taught Hangul characters and some basic conversation in Korean such as self-introductio…

Chinese New Year in Korea

8th of Feb
It's CNY!! However, I decided to stay in the guesthouse for a change of pace.

9th of Feb
Since today is Lunar New Year, one of the OCs brought us to Namsangol Folk Village to allow us to experience Lunar New Year in Korea. As we entered, we saw somebody singing to traditional songs on the stage. There were also someone playing to traditional instruments, which was pleasant to listen to. Apparently, there was a traditional dance too, which my friend took a picture of. Guess I missed it.
There were a lot of activities organised in here to celebrate this festival. There were a few something-making stores like kite-making, archery bow making, spin top making and etc and we have to pay for it in order to participate in these activities (and they are not cheap...). These activities are geared towards children but adults are encouraged to participate as well. 
Of course, there were some activities that are free. For example:
We were allowed to ask the calligraphers to write som…

Volunteering + Archery in Korea + Buffet in Korea

Hey, I'm back from the 6 weeks exchange in Korea. But still, I will be writing on all the events I went through like how I did in the previous posts. 
5th of Feb
Today, we went to volunteer in Siheung English Education Centre of Geumcheon. Our purpose in this centre is to read English storybooks to the kids. To be honest, I was really afraid to hear about this task as I am never good with kids.
It takes about one hour away from our guesthouse and as we arrived, we were greeted by the manager of the centre. After a little self-introduction about ourselves, we were told a little about the kids here and the task we are supposed to do. Thankfully, it was a lunar new year eve and that most of the kids went back to their hometown and, yeah, it was a good news for me. 
As the teacher of the centre brought in the kids one after another, I let my exchange mates have them first and I took the last kids. After the kids chose their book, we either read the books to them or the kids read it to…