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A chocolatey birthday

October 16th is my birthday. 
This year, it falls on the Monday. As I have to work on the Monday, the celebration with my family was done a day earlier. As usual, we kids ordered a cake from my aunt. My order this year was - a cake that everyone can eat. The reason is because my beloved grandma doesn't like anything that has the smell of dairy product. So, in the past, she didn't have any of our birthday cakes. I didn't really like that, which was why the special order this year. 

To be honest, it was the worst texture cake I have ever tried, but to see that everyone can eat it, I was very happy. It was the best cake. My aunt also fermented a grape wine to be opened during this day.

As it hasn't age for long, it is a little sweet and fairly easy to drink, suitable for light drinker. As I have the Asian Flsuh Syndrome, I know that my drinking ability is bad, but little did I know it is worse. A glass of about 8% alcohol content wine, have me threw up what I had ate ear…

Mooncake festival

So, last Wednesday was Mooncake Festival aka Lantern Festival. But who celebrates a festival for only a day? Usually one week, right?
My aunt would definitely not miss this event to bake mooncakes. She baked mini white lotus mooncakes with salted eggyolk, specially for us kids. Without the egg yolk, the plain white lotus moon cake is too sweet for me.

Last Saturday, my neighbourhood committee also took this chance to organise a small Mooncake Festival Party, where families living in the neighboorhood could join in the fun. A simple, Malaysian-friendly food was prepared by the committee. Of course, they did not forget to prepare the main characters for this party - mooncakes and lanterns.

I tried to take some good shots, but... no skill means no skill.

Well, that's all I want to report in this post. Till next time~