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This week updates

There were quite a few "events" this week and while I did not join all the "event" as a participant, I joined as a spectator. 
The first big event being Skate Asia 2016. Being a fan for ice skating, how can I not join this event? Thankfully, it is hosted in Sunway Pyramid for a week, which I got to have a chance to participate as a spectator. However, being one is not quite easy for me as I had to run to and fro -my college and Sunway Pyramid - during my one hour lunch break, just to have a glimpse of the competition. Even though it is merely a 30 minutes watch or less, I was quite happy with it and did not regret going it, despite being super sleepy after that. 
I have no idea which category did I watch as I joined in halfway through the competition, but I'm pretty sure they were ladies' single and I was pretty lucky to be able to watch a synchronised skating as well (which I only knew of its existence lately). Although they were not on par to t…

Pokemon Go Finally Arrived in Malaysia!!!

Hey guyss!!!
Pokemon Go is finally available in Malaysia yesterday (the news of banning the game from coming into Malaysia totally freaked me out. Thank god it did not happen)!!! The long-awaited game and my all-time favourite childhood game... A big big welcome!!! 
I received this amazing news from my sister after completing my second progress test yesterday morning. What a perfect timing to fend off my bad mood after the terrible horrible test (for the first time I experienced the time passed so slowly during a test). Put the test aside, I immediately went to Play Store to search for this game. To my dismay, I could not find it. To verify the authenticity of my sister's information, I scrolled through the Facebook and everyone is playing it. But how?
I went back to ask for my cousin's help. He told me that his phone is not compatible with the game, and mine as well. So, we thought that maybe it was because our phone were not up to date and so we tried to update to the newes…