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CFAB: An advantage of studying CFAB in Sunway College (Sun-TES)

Studying CFAB in Sunway College has one added advantage besides the exceptional qualification, is that, you can eat!!!
Sun-TES provides RM 25 for each students in the class to dine in a restaurant with your lecturer. It seems that this special treatment is given to CFAB students (a WHOLE class) who passed their final exams. (Note: a whole class must pass even though your class is a combined class. For example, "Batch 16 combines with A-level students to study Accounting" is consider a whole class.) However, I do not know if this treatment will continue in ICAEW (probably will, as long as the requirement is met).
So, our class actually work very hard on every final exam to win this chance. And finally, one of the batches in our class passed (we have 2 batches in one class) Business Finance!!! Although not the whole class passed it, but our generous and kind lecturer promised us that he would "sponsor" RM 200 to EACH batch in our class who passes it. So, this means tha…

A gift to a friend: Potpourri

Hello!! Sorry for the super late post as I was busy with my assignments...
It was my friend's birthday, so I decided to give her something special instead of the normal chocolates, necklace, bracelet,... So, this time: potpourri.

How To Do?
First, prepare the required materials. I bought mine from Daiso, so each item costs RM 5. Here are what I bought.
And the things that I have prepared:

And here are how you can do it:
First, you measure and cut out the washing net which matches the outer shape of the box. Then, choose a wider ribbon where you can enclose the outer part of the net. Sew it (I used sewing machine) 

Next, sew the "soft part" to the ribbon.

Since it is a net, it is quite hard to sew, you might want to leave extra space for the washing net.
Then, use the soldering iron to burn any quotes or patterns you want on the side of the box. Since this was my first time using the soldering tool and I have no artistic skills, I find the quote and pattern I want and cho…