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Mooncake festival

So, last Wednesday was Mooncake Festival aka Lantern Festival. But who celebrates a festival for only a day? Usually one week, right?
My aunt would definitely not miss this event to bake mooncakes. She baked mini white lotus mooncakes with salted eggyolk, specially for us kids. Without the egg yolk, the plain white lotus moon cake is too sweet for me.

Last Saturday, my neighbourhood committee also took this chance to organise a small Mooncake Festival Party, where families living in the neighboorhood could join in the fun. A simple, Malaysian-friendly food was prepared by the committee. Of course, they did not forget to prepare the main characters for this party - mooncakes and lanterns.

I tried to take some good shots, but... no skill means no skill.

Well, that's all I want to report in this post. Till next time~

29th SEA Games Volunteering Experience (Part 2)

Continuing from my previous post.
Opening Ceremony (OC) It's finally the day that we were waiting for. All volunteers were scheduled to duty on that day to assist. I was not exempted.

There was supposed to be a briefing at 2pm. However, as I had something to do, I could only arrive at about 5pm. By the time I arrived, I immediately went to the gate our group was assigned to and had a little short briefing with my team. We basically guide the visitors to their seats from the time I arrived till the end of the event, at about 10pm. However, the instructions given were not cleared that everyone had a different interpretation. It was a chaos, but we tried to be flexible and did what we could.

Since we were told not to bring our bags, I expected that they provide drinks for us as per the "13000 Volunteers Gathering". However, they did not. So, we had to buy the drinks by ourselves. The queue was long and so did the waiting time for the drinks to be served. We, therefore, took…

29th SEA Games Volunteering Experience

The 29th SEA Games has ended about two weeks ago. I thought of posting my volunteering experience earlier but as I was quite busy, it is delayed till now.

The 29th SEA Games event was held mainly in Kuala Lumpur from 19th of Aug till 30th of Aug. Being a host country after 16 years, how could I not join in the fun? And so, I applied to be a volunteer last year July. Of course, I pulled my sister to join in as well. Through the official webpage, we were required to fill in our details and were allowed to choose the games and position we desired. All done and what's left was to wait for the result.

The result of the application was then notified to us in January via email. As there were a large amount of applicants, every applicants might receive notification on a different date. I thought I was rejected, at first, as my sister had received it earlier. Thankfully, I received it on a later date. I would have been so depressed if I had not received it. After the notification, it was …

Educational Visit (Arirang), Ehwa Dong Mural Viillage

Hello!! Since I do not have anything to write about lately, guess it's time to continue my story back when I was in Korea!! Time sure does flies. It's already been a year and a half since then. 

19th Feb
Today, we were arranged to visit Arirang, a broadcasting station. Unlike KBS, who targets local audience, Arirang targets more towards foreign audience while spreading the uniqueness of Korean culture. The channel they broadcast speaks more in English and when they are speaking in Korean, there will be English or other languages' subtitles (depend on which channel you are watching).
For this visit, it was quite similar to what we had done in SM Town such as visiting studio. However, it is more in depth as they also gave explanation to the uses of the equipment they used. They made it seem like a visit for an educational purpose rather than for tourism purpose, which met the objectives of this exchange.
After they gave us a brief description about their company, we were imm…