CFAB: Graduation

Hello everyone!!

Finally got time to blog. I have been really busy with internship, learning new things and understanding the job. Also, there were many events that I had to attend, for example, CFAB Graduation Dinner and CFAB Graduation, which are the topic of my blog today. 

Before graduation, there was a graduation dinner for us CFAB-ers on 9th of October. There were a total of 5 batches who were invited to the dinner. It was a 3-course dinner in T.G.I Friday's sponsored by ICAEW. As it was a Friday, my batch had to work on the morning, so by the time I arrived, most of the batches have already reached there, waiting for us. The dinner was nothing special, just some chit chat with friends and sharing sessions from our seniors. However, the chatting part was special to me. It felt like ages since I met my friends (though it was just 1 week). I missed them so much and we had so much to talk (mostly about working though... =P). While the chatting was really fun, the food, on the other hand, were bad. Most of us didn't really like it. The presentation was good, but the taste of the food were hastily prepared. What a waste...

The graduation was held at Sunway University Hall on the 11th. It was a graduation for both CAT and CFAB students. However, we CFAB-ers had "special treatment". We had a lounge specially prepared for CFAB-ers and our parents. To enter the lounge, we need to have an extravagantly designed premium pass. Such an honour to have this pass.

Though it is a lounge, it was kept as simple as possible. The ICAEW committee prepared some finger food and a photo booth (no photographer, just a place for us to take pictures) for us. We also received a beautifully made cupcake. Though it was simple, it was fulfilling.

Graduation can't be done without a graduation robe. So, about 8 am, students arrived at the hall to collect the robes and we had people from Infra Media Studio (if I am not mistaken...) helped us to properly wear the robe to ensure that we were as smart as possible. After the fitting session, we had a brief rehearsal.

At 9.30 am, parents were allowed to enter hall and at 10.00 am, the ceremony began. The ceremony was just like the usual graduation ceremony, speech by Mr. Teo Ee Sing (Executive Director), follow by giving out certificates to the graduates and photo session.

After the ceremony, I had a chance to take memorable pictures with my friends and my parents.

I'm glad to receive this flower from my parents. It was a different bouquet than the other graduates. This is because it was prepared and wrapped by my amazing sister. An outstanding bouquet from the other bouquets. I especially like this orchid as it is fragrant and extremely beautiful.

I put a close up of this beautiful bouquet as an ending.

Though graduation is an ending of CFAB, but it is also a beginning of ICAEW. Still have a long journey...

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