Hair dyeing at Toni & Guy!

It's really been a while since I have written anything (the pity one post last month). One reason was because I had been cooping in my house "preparing" for my final examination, resulting in me not going anywhere, doing anything or eating any nice food (being extreme for once). I thought, since this is the last paper for professional level, I'd go all out and play to my heart content later. 

Anyway, the final this time wasn't bright at all. The chance of passing isn't high. Arggghhh, let's just stop being so negative!! It's just another exam if I fail anyway~ 

Right after my finals, I had my hair highlighted at Toni & Guy in Bangsar. It was my first hair dye in a salon and I thought of remembering it this way.

My sister and I went for dyeing together. It was done by the apprentices in the salon. As they are still hair stylist-in-learning, the process was unexpectedly long. The consultation alone took about an hour and it included assessing our hair conditions and suitability of hair colour. 

After an hour, the dyeing started. It started with the instructor demonstrating colouring a few layers of our hair and then proceeded by the students. 

After finished dyeing our hair, our hair was subjected to this artificial heat. 

Then, our hair was shampooed and styled and was graded by the instructor. The result?? TADA!!

Mine was highlighted with 2 brown and a red while my sis was highlighted with 2 red and a copper.

My sister and I were satisfied with the result. Mine isn't really obvious but under the sun it is brilliant. I totally love it. Thank you very much Toni & Guy!!!

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