Kuching: Back-In-Time Adventure

Hello!! Sorry for the super late post. 

It's the final day in Kuching. This time is a totally different theme from the last 2 days, a little back-in-time adventure - Cave adventure.

Wind Cave
Wind cave is a very dark cave located in Bau. It is famous for being home to thousands of bats and other dark-loving creatures. 

Wind Cave has 3 passages in total, in which each passages has different attractions.

We first went to the riverfront as we thought that was the entrance but it was not. The entrance is not that obvious but clear enough if you pay attention. As we arrived, we heard a lot of squeaking sound. I couldn't imagine how many bats are living in this cave. After we paid for the entrance fee, we entered the cave, firstly without the torch.

The entrance of the cave

However, our phone's torch proved to not be that useful as it could only light up a short distance. So, we went back out and rent a head lamp, that according to the ranger, could bright up a further distance, even though it is not as bright as our phone's torch.

Immediately, we went in to the passage 1. WOW!!! There's bats' poops all over the trail. Shone the torch lamp right above us... and AMAZING!!!! Bats all above us. Lots of them. We didn't even have to make an effort to find them as in the Penang's Bat Cave Temple. We even managed to see them up close!! We tried to take some pictures of the bats, but our smartphones proved to be useless in total darkness (but below is the only one that we managed to capture after much effort thanks to the closer distance). This means that you have to personally go to Sarawak if you want to see them.

Here's a picture of rock corrosion by the bats' urine, known as bell-hole. It forms when a bat constantly hanging in that space and urinate. A bigger size of the bell-hole is known as an aven.

There's a bird's nest there too

Besides bats, we also managed to see swiftlets.

The eggs

The nest

And baby swiftlets

Along the trail, there are information boards. So, you'll hardly miss any beautiful phenomena of a cave.

Oh, there's one thing here that you must not miss. That's the fossil!!! Well, I'm sure fossil could be seen easily in a museum, but one that is out in the nature and open is rare. Therefore, definitely do not miss it and do participate in this fossil hunting game.

This one is fairly easy to find

This, however, took us a longer time due to its unexpectedly small size

Walking in the wind cave was unexpectedly hot. I was drenched in sweat thanks to the humid surrounding. Therefore, remember to bring some towel.

After wind cave, we proceeded to the next cave nearby - Fairy cave.

Fairy Cave
Fairy Cave is the total opposite of Wind Cave. It is a cave 5 stories above the ground and is brightly lit with lots of natural light.

To enter, you will have to climb up through this tall building:

The entrance:

You will have to climb a few more steps to be inside the cave. As there is water constantly dripping, the steps are really slippery and steep. While going through these steps are dark and scary, you will later be rewarded with a beautiful lush green scenery of a cave - a world so beautiful and majestic that it cannot be described with words, a small little world inside the world, a dream world of mine.

Too bad my bad photography skill is not able to capture the fairy-tale-like cave

The source of brightness

Cool and crystal clear water formed from the water droplets.

There's also this little fairy here that guards this place.

A throat

There's also a few cave holes that who knows lead to where (as it is blocked), which makes it so mysterious. If it is not blocked, I would definitely go and explore.

Oh, by the way, there are a lot of bats here too. But, because of the height and brightness of the cave, it is difficult to spot one.

To me, fairy cave is a really beautiful, fairy-tale-like cave (notice the number of times I mentioned 'beautiful'). Besides the steps, it is fairly untouched and the originality is preserved. It makes me think of the cave in the drama The Return of the Condor Heroes and I really do hope to live in this kind of place, living a carefree life. Besides the difficulty to reach this cave, don't you think it is live-able?

Opposite Fairy Cave is another lush green scenery, a paddy field I supposed.

We had some coconuts right beside the field. The taste of the coconut was especially sweet after all the stairs climbing.

The whole cave exploration took about 4 hours and since we had plenty of time before boarding for the return plane, we decided to hang around Padungan Street, looking for souvenirs and eating Sarawak food that we had not tried.

That's all for sightseeing. The next post will be Sarawak must eat food and depend on the length of the post I might include an itinerary of this trip in it or maybe in a separate post.

Till then. 

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