Free eye check-up

Hello!! Put aside my recap on my journey in Korea, I decided to write something short and different today that may or may not be benefiting to all of you.  

Today, I went for an eye check-up in the National Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences, which is an educational institute set up under The Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital (THONEH). It is located at Petaling Jaya, right beside THONEH. 

The reason I went for a check-up is not that I have any discomfort in my eyes but because my mum has it and she was recommended by an optometry to visit the institute to have a full eye check-up, and she dragged me along, even though I was really reluctant about it (the only check-up that I would voluntarily go is only teeth check-up, even though I'm scared of dentist the most). It is a free check-up by appointment. If you do not mind the one helping you to check your eyes are students, do go and visit this institute. It's FREE!

My mum made an appointment at 4pm for yesterday for 4 persons, which include her, my aunt, my sister and me. At 3pm, we started out journey and arrived there around 3.30pm, despite the heavy rain. To have an eye check-up, we had to go to the 3rd floor and when we were at the floor, we took a left turn and were asked to have a seat. While we were being seated, we were "served" by the students there and when they were done with other "guests", then we were brought in. 

Firstly, I was asked to fill up some information like name and IC. Then, she bombarded me with a series of questions, like my hobbies (to see how much I used my eyes, I think), my and my family eye's and health's history, when was my last eye and body check-up, information about me wearing contact lenses and stuff. The questions she asked me were so detail that she even asked the solution I used for my contact lenses...

After the long questions, a series of detail eye examinations started. She started of with some simple examination without glasses and later with the glasses that I'm currently wearing. Then, a more complicated examinations with the lenses she prescribed (similar to those tests when we go to prescribe for a glass, but a very detail one that I could not understand the purpose of it) and read those chart. Occasionally, she would shine light into my eyes and also check my visual field. Also, she used a machine to check my eyes similar to those that we can see in the optical shops but a little different. 

Throughout the whole process, she was really nice and polite. However, the examinations took a long time. It was more than an hour!!! I got really tired halfway through the examination and was so dizzy that I was worried that I might faint after I finished the examination, which will be really embarrassing (thank god, I didn't XD). My face was so pale after the examination but thankfully I got through all the examinations.

Anyway, after all the examinations, she told me the results. Basically, there is no eye disease, but I have dry eye and some debris in my eyes, probably because I was wearing the contact lenses for a long period during my stay in Korea and did not take a proper care of my contact lenses. 

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