Sunway University's Library in New University Building (NUB)

On the 5th of March, the long awaited Sunway University's new library finally open in New University Building (NUB). *Cheers*


The state-of-the-art library consists of 3 floors with over 1000 seats and spans an area of more than 70000 sq. ft., which is definitely bigger and more spacious than the previous, 2 floors library.


The new library is equipped with a range of facilities to meet the students needs. I will start with the ground floor where the main entrance is located. =)

Ground floor

LRT station?! Nope, this is definitely the library entrance!!
To enter the library, you will need a student ID. However, if you are not a Sunway student, you can enter as a visitor. There's a small entrance for you, right between the entrance and exit. (It's in the second picture, I wonder if you can see it...). Right before the exit, there are sensors to make sure that no one sneaks the books without borrowing. There's one of this at the Mezzaine, which is located above ground floor.

Restricted collections and self checkout system

In the restricted collections, there are DVDs for students to watch in the library (can be borrowed for 4 hours). Only some of the DVDs can be brought home. There's also some reserved books (high in demand books), such as ACCA materials, which can only be borrowed for a few hours. The new facility here is the self checkout system (the machine at the corner), which I think is convenient for students. Previously, students need to go through the traditional way of borrowing books. The DVDs and reserved materials cannot be brought out of the room without checking out. (There's sensor, like the one at the entrance, at the door)

Self checkout system
This self checkout system is only for books. It is located right outside the restricted collections area and there is only one!

OPAC system
There are OPAC systems on ground and basement. It is used to search the books you want.

Viewing Zone

Viewing zone is a place where you can watch the DVD that you borrowed from the Restricted Collections. Compare to the previous library, we now have more of "TVs", large screen, spacious area and comfortable sofa. However, there's only one headphone, so you might need to bring your own earphone or headphone.

Exhibition Area
It's a place where you can read magazines, journals and newspaper.

Multimedia zone 1 - ground
Laptop station
Multimedia zone is where you can use your computer but of course you need student ID to log in. There are 2 multimedia zones, which are located on the ground and basement floor. At the Laptop station, there is a plug on every segment.


Multimedia zone 2 - basement
Instructional Lab
Printing room
You can print your documents directly from the library computers. They are linked. Again, you need student ID to use the printer. However, I don't think it is convenient for students now as the multimedia zone and printing room are located separately and the distance is quite far. The machine near the window is where students can top up a certain amount into their student ID to use the printer.

The library has toilet too. It saves us the hassle to go in and out of the library which we previously do.

Drink and phone area
It's a place where you can eat like a canteen I suppose, so students do not have to go back and forth from the library and the canteen. Right outside the drink and phone area, you can refill your water.

Open shelf collection and study area
Open shelf collection
The study areas are spread out everywhere on the basement. So, you will have different views and ambiences. If you want more natural light, choose a place near a window; if you want a more "romantic" ambience, there's a study area with dimmer light, which I think most students will choose that place to sleep.

Group Project Pod
There are 5 of them.

Training room
This is a bigger one, there's another smaller one right next to it.

Garden - view from ground floor
It says garden, but where are the plants? (".)

Help desk and behind it is multimedia zone 2
Conference room


This whole floor is basically study area.

Silent zone
It's probably the most quiet area in the library but there are just too few tables...

Collaborative zone (Discussion area)
Extended hours area
Also, there are lifts and emergency exit in every floor.

Outside of the library

I don't know what this is called but it is for students to return their books.

As you can see, the facilities here are mostly do-it-yourself (DIY). You only need to seek the help of the librarian when the problems can't be solved by these machines.

I'm pretty satisfy with the design and facilities it houses. However, what disappoints me is that I don't think the management added any new tables, such as those in the extended hours area. The tables are definitely insufficient to accommodate the huge number of students in Sunway, especially during exam period. I hope the management will add more tables soon. (^_^)


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