Manga: Sousei no Onmyouji


Since it's been a while I'm posting about manga, here's an ongoing manga I found it interesting and exciting. It is written and illustrated by Sukeno Yoshiaki.

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Romance, Comedy

Status: Ongoing

About: This story involves 2 young yet talented exorcists, who are destined to be together and fight impurities. They dream to be the strongest exorcist, to have the power that surpass the greatest exorcist in the history - Abe no Seimei. Unbeknownst to them, they are the "twin star", a couple who is able to on the same level as Abe no Seimei and surpass the legend if they have a kid?! The kid will be the strongest exorcist that will exorcise all impurities. However, these 2 youngsters are like fire and water. They argue on almost everything. Also, because of a tragedy that happened 2 years ago, to be a couple might not be the easiest thing. What happened 2 years ago and what will the 2 protagonists do? 

This manga is very exciting and entertaining. There is no one moment of boredom. The evolution of exorcist, from just chanting spell to exterminate youkai to now using spell to enhance own's ability to exorcise impurities, is a great improvement. Will it be more effective or will it bring more harm? Though it is all about exorcising impurities, the characters have plenty of time to be sarcastic, which make the manga lighter to read.

This manga is beautifully illustrated, and I think the characters are drawn more towards the cute side. Probably because they are really young? Or is it because they have a secret to beauty?? (JK) Due to the relation of exorcism to history, the way they dress infused both modern and historical design and also design from the combination of the east and west. Are you excited of what modern exorcist wear? Look below!

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