Japanese Snacks in Malaysia (Part 4)


I have been so busy with my WBL and "this and that" that I barely have time to write a thing. What is the "this and that"? Well, I'm not going to write about this now. I'll write it when I have more free time (probably after my internship?) since it is going to be a whole new experience for me ... and maybe for you too.

So, today I am going to write about Japanese Snacks in Malaysia (Part 4). These snacks are what I found when I was out for stock take in a shopping mall. Since it is in a shopping mall that I have never been to, I decided to walk around and I found this store name - Village Grocer. It is actually a normal grocery store like Giant and Jaya Grocer but it has a variety of imported goods. So, these are some of the snacks that I have found.

 Truffe [RM 5.90 (GST included)]

This is not the original price. It is a discounted item and I bought it immediately seeing that the price was reasonable. This truffe is not an ordinary chocolate. It contains alcohol. However, the alcohol is not encased in the chocolate ball but it is mixed with the chocolate. The truffe ball has 3 layers cocoa powder on the outer, semi-dark chocolate (I supposed?) in the middle and chocolate mousse in the heart of the chocolate. So, I did have a mouth full of chocolate. What I did not expect is that this chocolate is not very sweet. It has only a mild sweetness taste to it. To my surprise, the chocolates come in packets.

Corls Hora Dekita Ice Bar

Japan is famous for "making" own sweets and I have always wanted to try it but could never find one. And this grocery does sell it. This kind of "self-making" sweets are quite expensive and since I did not have much money that day, I took the cheapest of them all. It is around RM 5 - RM7 (I could not remember the price -.-|||).

I was actually quite disappointed with it as I read the instructions wrongly. It was not as fun as I thought (for this packet). What I thought was that I need to mix the water with the powder given and I would see some transformation. But not this T.T (I need to hurriedly master my Japanese in order to understand it better). For this packet, it was very simple. Below is the instructions:

So, what I need to do is to pour the powder and the syrup into each compartment. Use the stick and stick it to the gummy. Then dip the gummy into the syrup and then the powder. 

And, it is done! So simple that I was about to cry...

It comes with 2 flavours - Soda and strawberry. Me, who dislike strawberry flavour, actually prefer to have the strawberry over the soda. Why? Because the soda taste terrible! It tastes like the smell of washing powder... and it is very minty. A big no no for this sweet.

Oh, the one below is not a Japanese snack but a Korean one. It is really cheap as they were having discount. It costs me only RM 2.90 and it comes with 3 packets. I like their seaweed although it is really salty. However, the saltiness is not the ordinary salt. It uses bamboo salt and it tastes really good. What I dislike about it is that it has only a few pieces of it (like 7 pieces?), yet it is still the cheapest compare to other brands. 

In case, you have not check it out the other part, here's the link.

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