Stray dog met an accident

Hi!! A not very happy news this time, but I hope this post can help the stray dogs out there if you have met with one.

So, on Saturday, I was going out to my grandmother house on the afternoon. As my sister was driving, I saw a dog carcass on the middle of the road. Died miserably hitting by a vehicle I supposed. I could not do anything about the dog as it was already dead. As my sister went on, she turned into a factory area. That area is always filled with stray dogs roaming about and I am always worried that a dog might be run by a car one day (seeing their leisure behaviour of always sleeping in the middle of the road). And thus, the worry I have finally happened.

A light brown stray dog lying at the side of the road, in a pool of blood, gasping for air. Seeing that the dog was not dead. I immediately asked my sister to stop the car. She hesitated a little, asking me of what we could do about the dog. "I don't know" was what I answered but I suggested to call my aunt, thinking she would have a way to save the dog. And so, she stopped the car at the roadside. We called my aunt as suggested but to no avail, my aunt did not give us a solution.

So, my sister suggested to have a look at the poor dog. Yes, he was indeed breathing. We observed him for a while, thinking of what we should do. We don't know the area so much as we just moved there, and thus we don't know the nearest vet. The one that my dog is getting treatment is near ss15. We wondered if the dog could survive till then. As we took quite a few minutes thinking and his situation was not that good, and there was no one offered to help, we decided to send him to the vet we know.

My sister took a plastic bag from the car to carry the dog into the car. The blood was dripping from his mouth as we moved him to the back of the floor of my car. After we moved him, we saw an Indian lady, with a motorcylce looking at what we did. I approached her and she offered a bottle of water to wash my hand filled with blood. As I washed my hand, I asked her the nearest vet. However, we decided not to go to the vet as we don't really know the area and she was not going to lead us. Not wanting to waste time getting lost and finding a vet that we don't know its existence, we decided to go to the vet we know. My sister drove as fast as she could while I comforted the heavily injured dog.

Luckily, it was a Saturday and there was no traffic jam. We reached the vet after about 10 minutes. I quickly rang the door of the vet to find a doctor. To my disappointment, the doctor was not in until Monday and the vet do not accept treating a stray dog. I asked for a better solution. He showed me a way to a vet that accept emergency situation. It is located near Subang Parade. The vet is in a row of a shoplot beside the Shell petrol station, right in front of a main road leading to federal highway or it can lead to USJ with a right turn. It was not far from this vet. Immediately, we rushed to the vet. I quickly bring a doctor to have a look at the dog. He asked a few questions and I answered.

The doctor examined him and told us that we have 2 solutions. One, is to put him to sleep, to let him has a peaceful death. Second, send him to a bigger hospital in Sungai Gasing where he could get a thorough treatment. However, he told us that the dog survival possibility is low, seeing his condition then and might not make it as we send him there. Thus, he suggested us the first solution. However, he said that if we choose the second solution, he would still try his best to save him by giving him drips and would only send him to a bigger hospital on Monday as he is understaff during the weekends. He gave us a little time to discuss and we decided to put him to sleep. I broke into tears after listening him giving solutions which I don't know why. Probably grieving over his death?

The doctor carried him into his store and immediately prepared to administer a lethal drug. We were also told to sign a letter to allow the doctor to give up saving the dog. As he was preparing, the dog was in his final few breathes. That moment was the most terrible one. It scared me the most. I don't know how to describe it, it was like he needed to arch his whole body just to get a breathe. Seeing his condition, the doctor moved more quickly, administered the drug and massaged his chest to let the drug get into his brain. In 5 seconds, the dog was not moving anymore. A painless, peaceful death. The doctor consoled us and let us have some time with the dog. We stayed a while and left.

As we went home, we used bleach to clean up the carpet of the back of the floor (actually we used it to clean the whole car, as suggested by the doctor to avoid any germs and bacteria infect our pets). Later, we sent the car to wash for further precautions. That sum up the day.

For this unforgettable day, I want to say a few things:
1. Not all vet accept emergency.
2. Giving a pet lethal drug does not mean killing him, it means ending his pain. Peaceful death is better than painful death, right?
3. Act fast, think fast.
4. Dog is a living thing, please give a helping hand if it still alives. Don't ignore. PLEASE!
5. Thanks to the doctor for everything though I left without saying thank you.

Here I attached the address and the name of the vet that do accept emergency situation:
Klinik Veterinar Healing Room
Wisma Dicor, 29, Jalan SS 17/ 1a, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Gasing Veterinary Hospital
53 & 55, Jalan 5/58 Gasing Indah, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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