Kit Kat Chocolatory


Yesterday, my sister and I did the most outrageous thing ever. We participated in an audition to become an image consultant of BrandImage International Institute. Although it is said an audition, it is, in fact, a small chit chat session with the interviewers to see if we are qualified to participate in their contest -  Image Consultant Star Search. So, it was the most fun and informal interview I have ever attended. 

Why do I say it is the most outrageous thing ever? Well, the 'me' that I know - who hates competition more than anyone, who hates to lose more than anyone, who is terrible in makeup and fashion - would never have participated in this contest. You could say that with zero experience, I would be eliminated in the first round. For the first time, I don't really mind, but if possible, I want to get into third or final rounds to learn more things. What can I learn if I get eliminated in the first round, right? So, yeah. Time to watch more makeup videos and do more practices!!! Fighting!

The next thing is supposed to aim towards chocolate lovers or, to be more precise, Kit Kat lovers. Recently, Kit Kat has opened the first Kit Kat Chocolatory in Mid Valley Megamall. It is basically a place where you can get all the unusual Kit Kat combinations and also customise your very own Kit Kat all under your fingertips. While I did not personally go to this store, my sister has brought back her very own customised Kit Kat and a special edition Kit Kat. 

Let's start with her customised Kit Kat. She was allowed to choose her own chocolate base and 3 other ingredients and so she decided with Dark chocolate base, green tea, apricot and dried blueberry.

The ingredients are loosely attached to the base, with the exception of the small sprinkles such as the green tea, which can be found on top. There are no hint of the other ingredients' essences within the dark chocolate, which made the ingredients as an additional toppings to the usual Kit Kat. While my sister's combination is amazingly delicious (although I can't really taste the green tea), I was a little disappointed as I thought that they would mix the ingredients with the chocolate. But, I guess it would be illogical given the time constraint and the difficulty to present it. For the customised Kit Kat, the customers are also given the privilege to design their own boxes and have their name intact. This would definitely made it the one and only Kit Kat.

The next would be the special edition very Malaysia Kit Kat - Nasi Lemak Kit Kat. As I heard the name, I let my imagination runs wild with the thought of how they would mix santan, sambal, fried anchovies and peanuts with the white chocolate to make this edible. To my disappointment, they went with the easy way of simply decorating the white chocolate Kit Kat with santan flakes, chili flakes and peanut at the bottom. While it does have the characteristics of Nasi Lemak, it tastes nothing like it. It was an utter disappointment. 

However, the presentation is quite beautiful. The chili flakes are as those flower petals and the santan flakes are as those sugar powder sprinkled on it. It makes it looks like a wedding ceremony, no?

That's all about this week updates, till next time!

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