Hello, ladies and gentlemen!!

The start of October means the end of my short break and the beginning of my Work-based Learning. Oh Gosh, I am so SO nervous!! But before that, remember the 100% pass lunch for Assurance? That's what I'm going to post today.

This time we chose a higher end restaurant - Brotzeit, a German Bier Bar and Restaurant. This is a restaurant I will never go, if not for the free lunch. Why? The food here is very expensive! For example, a small size salad cost RM 20++, it is definitely not a normal salad. Definitely not.... >.< 

As usual, we gathered in the restaurant and as everyone arrived, we started to order. German food is famous for its pork and sausages. That was, originally, what I planned to order. However, I immediately erased the plan as the price is way beyond the budget and if I top up, I will still have to pay a lot. Instead, I chose set lunches. The set lunches are affordable. It is around RM 15 to RM 25. And so these are what we ordered:

Pan Fried Bavarian Fish
This dish was what I ordered. It tastes so delicious!!! Although I have been to quite a few restaurant these days, there aren't any food that really caught my attention. And, it is been a while that I tasted such good food. The things that topped the fish fillet are bacon and onion and it goes perfectly with the fish. MMmmmhhhhmmmmhhmmm..... Also, there's a delicious mashed potato too. It is more towards wet than the other restaurants' mashed potatoes that are quite dry. The mashed potato is the best so far. There's also a small piece of sausage and fried onion. So, you can say that I actually tried German's famous food (pork and sausage), right?? (HAHA)

I can't remember this dish name but it is a sweet and spicy chicken. It tastes just like the Chinese sweet and spicy crab and the meat is tender. I also took a bite of my friend's salad. It is the best salad I have tasted so far. The vinegar they used goes well with the salad.

This is a beautifully decorated lasagne
Iced lemon tea
The set lunches come with a complimentary Iced Lemon Tea. The special thing about this drink is that it is not sweet at all. It is a "raw" lemon tea, which means that the syrup comes in separate and therefore, we can adjust the sweetness. For all set lunches, customers can add a soup for RM 5 and /or a mini salad for RM 7. Both choices come with a complimentary dessert. 

And of course there's food for vegetarian since we have a vegetarian in our class. Macaroni with lots of cheese. It is really delicious too but I think it is too much for a person to be finished. My friend ended up having a few other friends to finish up this dish.

As we still had budget after combining the budget with a few of my friends. We ordered 2 desserts!!

White Chocolate Mousse
I don't really like the white chocolate mousse as it has weird taste to it.

Bayrische creme
This, on the other hand, is better than the above dessert, except that the sauce below is too sour. It would be better if the chocolate sauce and the sauce below exchange their place. That would be perfect! Surprisingly, there were RM 150 budget left, and thus, my 2 other friends ordered the 2 desserts below:

Sweet and savoury duo and profiterole duet
The sweet and savoury duo, I supposed, is the improvisation of the white chocolate mousse. The 2 "stick" is very special. Bacon with dark chocolate. A weird combination. It tastes bitter at first, then sweet and finally salty. 

4 of my friends also got to order german beer because of the extra budget. The usual me that prefer wine than beer actually like this beer, probably because it is not that strong?

Overall, the food are excellent, the desserts so so. Definitely a good lunch before my WBL starts!!

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