95 degrees Art Cafe


Bored of the usual cafe? What about a theme cafe with art as a theme?

By chance, I found out this restaurant when I walked home from my usual Japanese Class. 95 Degrees Art Cafe , previously known as Ode Art Cafe~ Sounds good to me. Thus, I invited my "long time no see" friend to go to the cafe to have some chit chat. 

It is a cafe located in SS 15, right in front of Subang Square and it occupies the upper half of a shoplot. It is a friendly cafe with an excellent ambiance. 

As you can see, the shop is filled with arts, lots of them. If I am not wrong, the arts are drawn by the owner themselves. This is because, as I arrived, I saw the owner drawing a picture similar to the pictures on the floor (the first picture, if you can see...). Not only that, the cafe is filled with many creative things. Go visit the toilet! The toilet is not a "high class" toilet, but is one of the creative toilets that I have visited. 

Now, to the food we ordered.

All desserts~  It's a chit chat session after all. On top of that, I dislike eating main dish, all I want are desserts!! So, I ordered Chocolate Mint Cake and Mocha, and my friend ordered Matcha Latte and a cake that I could not remember the name. (Some of the names here are not the exact name...but if you look at the menu, you will probably know which is which). The food here taste ok, not the best but not the worst.. (I just hope that the cake has stronger mint taste).

What surprised me is that, the food here are not very expensive compared to other cafes, that also prepare "not so bad" food. Besides that, the restaurant has quite a few special, or should I say, creative dishes that customers should try out. So, I think it is worth to come to this restaurant, especially when you order a few food and stay there for a few hours (sorry, I'm a bad customer!).

That's about it. Food aside, meeting with my best friend is the best moment!! Will have more cafe posts with her soon. 

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